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The physical processes responsible for the occurrence of large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are a fascinating research subject. Much remains to be learned about these complex phenomena and how we can assess and reduce their associated risk. With its unique observational data, Japan is the ideal place to conduct research on earthquakes and volcanoes. I invite students interested in studying on such topics at Kyoto University to contact me.



My main scientific goal is to understand the physical processes that control the occurence of earthquakes and find ways to better assess and reduce the earthquake risk. I am particularly interested in analysing the stress interactions between earthquakes and constructing physically-based models that can be used in forecasting seismicity. I am currently involved in research on various aspects of earthquake and non-volcanic tremor triggering, either due to static and/or dynamic stress changes. In addition, I have a strong interest in the high-resolution mapping of the underground velocity structure and its temporal variations.


Bogdan Enescu
(Office:Grad. School Sci. Bldg. No.1, Room 244)
Department of Geophysics
Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Postal Code: 606-8502
Kitashirakawa, Oiwake-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN

Tel: +81-75-753-4293; Fax: +81-75-753-4189
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