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担当授業科目については京都大学 地球物理学教室の科目一覧ページをご覧ください。 研究室メンバーはこちらです。

Please check the ILAS webpages here and here for the English classes I am currently responsible at Kyoto University. The current and past members of our group can be found here.


  • 地震活動の時空間パターンと地震ハザード
  • 地震と非火山性微動のトリガリング
  • スロー地震
  • 高分解能三次元速度構造と震源決定
  • 地震時・地震後の地殻変動

Main Research Directions

  • Space-time seismicity patterns & seismic hazard
  • Triggering of earthquakes & non-volcanic tremor
  • Slow earthquakes
  • High-resolution velocity structure and earthquake location
  • Co- and post-seismic crustal deformation

This file (English, 日本語) shows some of the topics I have worked on actively, together with some relevant papers. I am also posting the link to an invited talk that I gave at the International Seismological School (Cargese, France; November 2014), which summarizes some of my research results. Web link ; PDF file ; PPTX file.

A one-page PDF file that summarizes my main research activity for non-specialists can be found here.
専門家以外の方のために、私の主な研究を簡単にまとめました; PDFファイル(1ページ)はこちらです。